The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce


Scanform developed a series of specific products for this project being the main idea that this new furniture of the Chamber of Commerce should contribute to leave a positive impression of this public institution and of the service it offers. This furnishing is meant to give a wellcoming feeling to the clientele, meaning, among other things, that the client now can choose between being attended at the counter, standing or seated, or optionally sitting comfortably in a cubicle talking to a consultant. Also, while waiting to be atended, the client can use her digital dispositive which one, if needed, can be recharged where she is sitting. This new look will create a wellcoming atmosphere and make a visit to the Chamber of Commerce a pleasant an efficient experience.”


SummitAktivaGuest chairs (TrendLuka)Lounge seating (Nappa chairsNappa benches)Stools (Trend)Auxiliary tables (Clover)Support furniture (Folding leg tables)Briz (Fiorellina Now) Custom made benches and tables

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