Versatile Living Spaces

Spaces that move and relate constantly, places designed to create hundred percent effective environments, ecosystems that create real solutions. Today the furniture adapts to the user and the spaces acquire life.


Living habitats adapted to the user, that maximize interaction and efficacy.


Spaces for interaction

Designed for individual work and equipped with the necessary technological aids and generally called “executive offices”.

Working stations that facilitate collaboration and interaction between people that work in related projects.

A more private space, separated from the general working area; a site for creative pauses, for reflexion and idea interchange.

For casual group meetings and teamwork. Strategically located within the general office space.

For more formal reunions, conferences, training and lectures; in these sites a leader presides the meeting or conference.

Site for casual meetings within the general office space, stimulating interaction and solution of minor job problems; these work-spaces are open with direct access.

Get-together sites, outside the office where people meet at leisure.