Our history

  • For more than 50 years, the Colombian company Scanform has maintained the identity of its Swedish founders, giving its products a definite Scandinavian influence.
  • In its beginnings, Scanform manufactured leather and wooden chairs designed by Swedish, Danish and Norwegian architects using international patents and compensation of royalties. Most of the production was exported very successfully thanks to the exotic wood and leather used in manufacturing.
  • Besides having an innovative design, the chairs could be disassembled and easily reassembled using cone-shaped dowels instead of fittings.

In 1977, Scanform took a turn and became a pioneer in Colombia by introducing the process of manufacturing curved wooden pieces using mold-pressed wood veneers, adhered with resin solidified by radio frequency. Thanks to this technology, Scanform could manufacture highly resistant furniture with shapes that would be very difficult to create carving solid wood. This process renewed the Company’s production offer that was still mostly for export.

  • Due to the Company’s growth in the Colombian national market, Scanform decided to complement its chair offer with surface products.
  • Therefore, in 1986 the Company began creating and manufacturing desks, meeting room tables, side tables, and bookcases.
  • Currently, Scanform offers furniture for executive offices, freestanding furniture, meeting room furniture, conference room collections, chair and stool collections, furniture for cafeterias and restaurants, living room furniture and chairs for lounge areas, plus different projects for the direct contract market.
  • SCANFORM firmly believes that its employees and their commitment to the customers have been a key factor in company growth. The Company currently has two showrooms, one in Bogotá and the other in Medellín, and works with distributors throughout Colombia and abroad.


Scanform was founded in May 17, 1961
to produce furniture of Scandinavian design to be marketed as a novelty in Colombia but also, from the beginning, with export ambitions. This was the basic idea of the company’ s founders – of Scandinavian origin – and hence the name of the company: Scandinavian form = forma Escandinava = SCANFORM.

This modular shelving system – with frames of extruded aluminium, with shelves and storage units in wood – designed by the Swedish architect Olle Pira was a revolutionary idea in its time, allowing for a better use of vertical spaces.

The Sirocco chair by the Swedish designer Arne Norell was the first chair in wood and leather to be produced by Scanform and the first one in Colombia to be exported to the United States. This chair had an original design and with its conical assembling system and bronze fittings was also totally knock-down to be fitted into a small card-board box and thus possible to export by air.

From the beginning Scanform concentrated on producing leather and wooden chairs designed by Swedish, Danish and Norwegian architects against royalties. A considerable part of the production could be exported thanks to the internationally acclaimed designs, the knock-down structure of the items and the materials – genuine leather and tropical woods.

Looking for a ‘new and different technology’ Scanform opted for a process of laminating and molding multi-layered wood veneer under high frequency compression. The first laminated item was the Falcon chair, designed by the Norwegian architect Sigurd Ressel. Scanform was pioneer in Colombia laminating wood veneer with HF-technique, which today remains as a vital process in Scanform’s production.

During this period Scanform presented an ample collection of laminated wooden furniture. This new technology made it possible to elaborate furniture parts with great physical resistance and in shapes impossible to obtain with solid wood.

On August 11, 1982 Scanform’s plant burned down with a complete loss of machinery, equipment and furniture in process. In March 1983 production could start again thanks to the perseverance to go ahead, a helping hand by friends, accumulated experience and the joining of new and capable employees.

In 1986 Scanform was associated with a new plant (Scandilineas) producing casegoods: desks, conference tables, shelving systems, auxiliary tables, cafeteria & restaurant tables – all a complement to the chair collection hitherto in production.

Scanform presents a new collection ment for high-traffic, casual eating areas: light-weight chairs with shells of form-pressed veneer with metallic bases together with tables in a variety of sizes – all in an ample range of colors and forms allowing for personalized projects.

The Bistro collection is an inviting and versatile line for cafeterias and restaurants with benches in different materials and wooden chairs upholstered in a variety of colors. The Bistro collection signifies Scanform’s entry in a market different from office furnishing.

Summit is a comprehensive office furniture collection conceived for executive office environments. Summit’s straight-forward and responsive design reflects solidity as well as lightness. Summit is innovative executive office furniture made of materials like engineered veneer in solid colors and outfitted to accommodate and support technology.

Scanform designed Aktiva to be a new free-standing office collection, representing the latest trends and styles in workstation furniture. Aktiva has carefully selected details that combine simplicity of design with high aesthetics and functional standards.

A dynamic company alert to change and always disposed to suggest versatile furniture solutions to create efficient work spaces.

We are in permanent development in order to offer integral and durable furnishing solutions to our clients.