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For more than 55 years, the Colombian company SCANFORM S.A.S has maintained the identity of its Swedish founders, giving its products a definite Scandinavian influence. In its beginnings, SCANFORM manufactured leather and wooden chairs designed by Swedish, Danish and Norwegian architects using international patents and compensation of royalties. Most of the production was exported very successfully thanks to the exotic wood and leather used in manufacturing. Besides having an innovative design, the chairs could be disassembled and easily reassembled using cone-shaped dowels instead of fittings.

In 1977, SCANFORM took a turn and became a pioneer in Colombia by introducing the process of manufacturing curved wooden pieces using mold-pressed wood veneers, adhered with resin solidified by radio frequency. Thanks to this technology, Scanform could manufacture highly resistant furniture with shapes that would be very difficult to create carving solid wood. This process renewed the Company’s production offer that was still mostly for export.

Due to the Company’s growth in the Colombian national market, Scanform decided to complement its chair offer with surface products. Therefore, in 1986 the Company began creating and manufacturing desks, meeting room tables, side tables, and bookcases. Currently, Scanform offers furniture for executive offices, freestanding furniture, meeting room furniture, conference room collections, chair and stool collections, furniture for cafeterias and restaurants, living room furniture and chairs for lounge areas, plus different projects for the direct contract market. SCANFORM firmly believes that its employees and their commitment to the customers have been a key factor in company growth. The Company currently has two exhibition halls, one in Bogotá and the other in Medellín, and works with distributors throughout Colombia and abroad.

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